Many people think selling a house is a piece of cake. You list for the price you want and the buyers come running or scrambling to have a bidding war on your property. Truth is, bidding wars occur on homes that are priced accurately based on the current market. The asking price you set for your home significantly affects how much you will profit and how long your home will sit on the market. Our agents understand their markets and what's selling- or not selling. This knowledge will be invaluable in helping you determine the price. The objective is to find a price that is competitive to receive immediate offers yet won't leave money on the table.

Here are a couple of points to consider:


Time is not on your side when it comes to real estate. Studies show that the longer a house stays on the market, the less likely it is to sell for the original asking price. The reason being, everyone rushes to see a new house on the market and if the market does not warrant your price, then they keep looking for the next house on the market. Because all these buyers passed on your home, now you are forced to decrease your price to draw in a new crowd at a lower price point or attract the previous interests with the decreased price. Once potential buyers see you decrease your price, their next thought is… how low will you go? On comes the low ball offers. Therefore, if your goal is to make money, think about a price that will encourage buyer activity.

Value vs. Cost.

Pricing your home to sell in a timely fashion requires some objectivity. It's important that you not confuse value with cost - in other words, how much you value your home versus what buyers are willing to pay for it. Don't place too much emphasis on home improvements when calculating your price, because buyers may not share your taste. For instance, not everyone wants an in-ground pool or hand crafted railings. While there are people who really want these features and are willing to pay for it, you have now drastically reduced your buyer pool to those specific buyers. Quick real estate sales cater to the general buyer than a specific clientele because more people want what you have to offer. Dorchester is not ideal for a pool, but creating additional parking is a definite win, considering New England Winters.

Keep it simple.

Because time is of the essence, make it easy for the buyers. Remain flexible on when we can schedule showings.  Let's Schedule a meeting, there are a lot of alternative options that can get you the most money for your home and accommodate your needs. It takes open communication, an open mind, flexibility, and patience.
For more tips on selling your home and staging/decorating ideas, Be sure to connect with one of our agents in your area