Buying a single-family home is about personal preference and necessity more than anything else. You buy based on what you like and what you and your family have a need for. The typical multifamily investor is not concerned with personal preference, but more about the return on investment the property will produce. Cash flow investors consider what the property cost versus what the property can produce in rental income. If you are new to multifamily investing, here is a quick overview of what your average investor considers before making the commitment to purchase.

Evaluate Your Rental Income:

The amount of income you can generate from a particular property should be one of your primary concerns. Whether you are purchasing a 2 family home or a 20 unit apartment building, the total rental income that the property can produce will be a major factor in how that property matches up to others you’ve seen. You will want to have a clear understanding of market rents in your area and if possible, the specific rental history for the property you are buying.


Evaluate Your Rental Expense:

Understanding the expenses of a prospective property is just as important as your knowledge of the income being produced. Your property may be generating a terrific amount of income but actually losing money, due to operating costs that are out of control. When evaluating properties to purchase take note of the operating expenses of each and how they compare to other properties. Insurance, property taxes, utilities, and general maintenance costs are some of the expense items you should become familiar with. You will also want to know whether the utilities are shared throughout the home or if the tenants are responsible for paying their own.

Remember It’s A Business:

The income property business can be a time consuming, but ultimately a very rewarding venture. Whether you plan to buy an income property as an investment or as your primary residence, it is important to recognize that you will be running a business. Tenants, passive income, rental expenses, and certain tax issues are among the concerns of multi-family owners. You should become familiar with your responsibilities as a landlord and business owner if you want your rental business to succeed. Like any business, the effort you put in and the knowledge you obtain will ultimately determine the success you achieve.