March 25, 2019

I’m Selling My 3-family Rental - Here’s My Plan

Nov. 28, 2018

The #1 Reason to Sell Your Home This Winter

Why Wait? The #1 Reason to Sell Your Home This Winter

It is a common, long-standing theory that the best time to sell is in the Spring.

Many sellers believe this because of several factors, including a traditional increase in buyer demand and the seasonally better weather (especially here in New England!). What sellers are overlooking, however, is that this is ...

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Aug. 8, 2013

Selling Your Investment Property? You Have Two Types of Potential Buyers

Are you considering selling your multifamily property? If so, you should know there are two types of buyers for your property and they differ in how they approach a purchase. The first potential buyer would be the owner occupant buyer. This person plans to move into the property after purchase ...

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June 30, 2013

How to Sell More Real Estate Working with Investors

Are you in the process of getting licensed as a Massachusetts real estate agent? Are you not happy with your current firm and looking for a change? In either case, consider joining The Mandrell Company! The real estate industry can be a very fun and rewarding business if you work ...

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Aug. 28, 2012

The Seller's Home Inspection & Making Repairs

Understanding the true condition of your home prior to selling can obviously help you make an accurate evaluation of your property’s worth. Home inspections are traditionally done by the buyer once a sales contract is in place, but can also be done by the seller before the property is listed ...

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