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July 11, 2016

3 Investment Terms Every Landlord Should Be Familiar With

Cash Flow

Cash Flow by definition is the total amount of money being transferred into and out of a business, especially as affecting liquidity. In real estate investing, what this means is:

Total Income - Total Expenses = Cash Flow

While you would assume total income would consist of just rent, make ...

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May 16, 2016

Landlording 101: Documentation and Security Deposits

In the case Meikle v. Nurse, The court ruled that landlords cannot evict a tenant unless they have followed the Security Deposit law 100% TO THE LETTER. Landlords argued that Security Deposit violations are only counterclaims (for money) and not defenses (preventing evictions). Although I understand their sentiment, the first sentence ...

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March 14, 2016

Landlord Tip: Security Deposits

Many landlords are hesitant to collect a security deposit (SD) from tenants because they fear it is too much money for someone to pay. While I completely understand the sentiment and extending a helping hand….security deposits are designed to help you (the landlord) in the event your tenant damages ...

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Oct. 26, 2015

How do I buy REAL ESTATE w/ retirement funds?

Would you like to have more control over how your retirement savings is invested? Are you sick of stacking cash away just to have the stock market drop 5% over night for no apparent reason? If this is you, consider moving your retirement savings to a Self Directed IRA. SD ...

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July 1, 2015

Making Smart Investments - What's Important During Your Purchase?

Thinking about making a rental investment property purchase? Investing in real estate can be very exciting but also very nerve-wracking. Most investors act too quickly or not quickly enough on a potential purchase leaving themselves in a bad situation or without ever securing a deal. Before you submit an offer ...

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Feb. 17, 2015

Allston & Brighton - Multi-family Sales & Rental Data

Are you interested in buying or selling property in Allston or Brighton? Before you do, making sure you fully understanding your local market is very important. Receiving regular market updates will also allow you to see what similar properties are selling for as well as what landlords are charging for ...

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Feb. 3, 2015

2 Investment Calculators Every Buy & Hold Investors Should Use

There are two very important investment calculators buy and hold investors should pay more attention to. Both of these calculators are forward looking and help investors predict the future of there real estate holdings.

The 1st of these two calculators in what's called a "compounding calculator". The compounding feature ...

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Jan. 5, 2015

6 Apartment Units Sold in Mattapan For $860,000

19-21 Fessenden St., Mattapan MA - A six-unit apartment building in Mattapan has sold for $860,000. The property consists of two side by side 3 family buildings.

The building is comprised of six three-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments. The units are separately metered and the tenants pay utilities. The property offers a ...

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Dec. 2, 2014

Quincy Multifamily Sales & Rental Statistics

Are you a current or aspiring landlord in Massachusetts? No matter the years you have in the rental business, fully understanding your local market is one the most important things you can do to ensure your long-term success.  Receiving regular market updates will help you determine when’s it time ...

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Sept. 29, 2014

Keeping Rents Low for Good Tenants? Not The Best Long-Term Strategy

Understanding local rental rates in your Boston neighborhood is extremely important to your success as a landlord and real estate investor. There are three basic stages to any investor’s career, which are the buying, holding and selling stages. In each phase, your knowledge about the current rental market will determine ...

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