If you’re currently in the market to buy and you can take the time to do a little research you can often find government buying incentives available to you. The federal and local Mass governments often have special programs that assist low-income buyers, seniors, as well as first time home buyers in their home purchase. These buying incentives range from down payment assistance to financing opportunities with special interest rates. There are also many programs for real estate investors & developers if you’re willing to buy within certain areas of the city, rehab older structures, or provide housing to low-income renters. During your search for financing, you should also be searching for financial incentives that may be available to you. You can ask your Realtor for help discovering these programs but can also do some searching on your own. It’s also a good idea to work with a local bank loan officer familiar with programs for buyers in your particular area. The following are a few good websites to start your search:

Housing & Urban Development


Mass Housing


The City of Boston – Housing