Why Wait? The #1 Reason to Sell Your Home This Winter

It is a common, long-standing theory that the best time to sell is in the Spring.

Many sellers believe this because of several factors, including a traditional increase in buyer demand and the seasonally better weather (especially here in New England!). What sellers are overlooking, however, is that this is a common, long-standing theory, and that means if most homeowners believe this to be true, then the Spring is when sellers have the most competition! 

The #1 reason to sell your home this Winter is LESS COMPETITION!

Across the nation, the supply of properties (market inventory) habitually and dramatically spikes in the Spring and continues through the Summer and, in some places, the Fall. Come October/November/December, the inventory of available properties takes a nose-dive, shrinking to the lowest numbers all year, limiting buyers' choices. We believe this creates an unchallengeable opportunity for sellers! A buyer's need to purchase in December, January, and February doesn't change; the only change is in the number of choices they have to choose from.

Limited seller inventory = Limited buyer choices. 

Here at The Mandrell Company, we consider the "Sweet Spot" for sellers to be from late-fall (November) to late-Winter (February). 

Theories often are entangled with myths and we like to dispell myths with our clients. The most common myth we hear from sellers about selling in the Winter is that there aren't as many buyers so they'd rather wait until the Spring when there is a larger buyer pool. Here's the thing: the strongest buyers of the year are the ones braving the Winter conditions to see property. These buyers not "lookie-loos;" these buyers are serious. This creates an added bonus to selling in the Winter months! 

Your home, most likely, will find its buyer in these cold months much easier (less competition!) and much more conveniently (fewer lookie-loos!). 

We're Here to Help! 

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