Tayana Antin

Tayana Antin

Real Estate Expert


The Mandrell Company

572 Freeport Street, Suite B Dorchester, MA 02122

Tayana is a first generation Haitian-American who grew up in Boston’s neighborhood of Dorchester before moving to the western part of the state for her undergraduate studies. After moving back to Boston, she worked in financial services before launching her career in real estate. Her familiarity with the city and her own experience as an investor give her a solid understanding of the industry and allow her to appreciate the value of wealth building through real estate. Tayana is passionate about financial independence and economic empowerment, and she has used her knowledge to volunteer as a financial literacy coach for low to moderate-income Boston area residents. She is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and holds an MBA from Suffolk University. Tayana looks forward to offering her expertise to both buyers and sellers in making one of the most important financial decisions of their lives.