Taja Ricketts


The Mandrell Company

572 Freeport Street, Suite B Dorchester, MA 02122

Taja was born and raised in Boston, more specifically in Dorchester and Roxbury, and is an alumna of the University of Massachusetts – Boston with a B.A. in Economics. Fascinated with New England historic architecture, both residential and commercial, she enjoys learning the history of a property and its surrounding areas. Out of this fascination arose an interest in rehabilitating older homes for historic preservation, community rejuvenation, and value creation. During the warmer months, she can be found exploring the city, which includes admiring and learning about Boston’s older properties; their past uses, who built them, and the role of that establishment in the community and local economy over time. Another point of interest in real estate is environmental safety and sustainability, as well as social justice in real estate development and investment. Taja aspires to make an impact in the Boston market and help find innovative ways of creating a greener, more prosperous, healthy, equitable housing for communities of Boston. Another aspiration is to bridge the gap between blockchain technology and real estate, positively impacting all aspects of real estate transaction from (smart) contracts, to property management, to utilizing IoT technology for smart homes. Taja lists travel as one of her ultimate passions and enjoys exploring new countries and cultures. Some other hobbies and interests include trying new restaurants, learning to bake, DIY projects, watching stand-up comedy shows, and listening to audiobooks.