Denisha McDonald

Denisha McDonald


The Mandrell Company

572 Freeport Street, Suite B Dorchester, MA 02122

Denisha is married with two toddlers and lives in the Readville section of Hyde Park. She is passionate about real estate, urban youth, and education. Throughout her career, she has managed to successfully combine all of her passions into her company KLOEHomes, a real estate & investment service with community service initiatives targeting urban youth, and hometown heroes. She is a licensed teacher and utilizes her skills in education to host home seller/buyer and financial literacy seminars.

Why is she the best choice for your real estate needs?

With a family history of over 20 years in real estate, Denisha’s wealth of knowledge in sales tactics, creative real estate solutions, property acquisition, management and ability to identify solid investment opportunities makes her keenly aware of market trends for residential consumers and investors alike. Denisha is able to assist buyer and seller clientele every step of the process to ensure a smooth transaction. She firmly believes buying and selling real estate is a wise investment strategy if executed properly. As the daughter of a general contractor, Denisha has been trained to examine properties and assess the depth of work needed to get sellers the highest value or to assist buyers in calculating solid offers.